This day in #History 0111

This day in #history 0111

November 1st

1512 – Michelangelo’s paintings on ceiling of Sistine Chapel
in Vatican , Italy 1st exhibited

1800 – John Adams becomes the first US president to live in White House

1814 – Congress of Vienna opens to re -draw the
European political map after the defeat of France, in
the Napoleonic Wars .

1894 – Nicholas II becomes the new Tsar of Russia after
his father , Alexander III dies.

1922 – Ottoman Empire abolished

1950 – Puerto Rican nationalists try to kill Pres Harry Truman at Blair House

1954 – Algeria begins rebellion against French rule

1954 – General Fulgencio Batista elected President of Cuba

1954 – India takes over administration of 4 French Indian settlements

1954 – The Front de Libération Nationale fires the
first shots of the Algerian War of Independence .

1956 – Delhi becomes a territory of Indian union

1956 – Indian state of Madhya Pradesh forms

1956 – Indian states of Punjab , Patiala & PEPSU
merge as Punjab protection

1956 – Nagy government of Hungary withdraws from
Warsaw Pact

1956 – Nobel for physics awarded to Shockley ,
Brattain & Bardeen

1956 – Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Laetamur

1956 – Formation of Kerala state in India.

1981 – Antigua & Barbuda gains independence from
Britain ( National Day )

1982 – Honda becomes the first Asian automobile
company to produce cars in the United States with
the opening of their factory in Marysville , Ohio. The
Honda Accord is the first car produced there .

1990 – Last of Margaret Thatcher’s original government resigns, Deputy PM Howe

1990 – Rhetoric escalates as Bush likens Saddam to Hitler

2012 – Google ‘s Gmail becomes the world ‘s most
popular email service



1979 – Mamie Eisenhower , First Lady of the United
States (b . 1896)

1996 – Maati Bouabid , PM of Morroco (1979 -83 ),

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