This day in #History 0411

This day in #history 0411

November 4th

1852 – Count Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes the
prime minister of Piedmont – Sardinia, which soon
expands to become Italy.

1856 – James Buchanan elected 15 th US president

1861 – University of Washington founded in Seattle

1862 – Dr Richard Gatling patents Gatling machine gun (Indianapolis)

1890 – Great Britain proclaims Zanzibar as a

1914 – Soviet Union declares war on Turkey

1956 – Israel captures Straits of Tiran & reach Suez
Canal Egypt

2008 – Barack Obama becomes the first African-
American to be elected President of the United States


1969 – Sean Combs [ Puff Daddy], New York City , rapper/ record producer (Come to Me, I’ll be Missing You


2008 – MichaelCrichton, American author, dies at 66

Famous Wedding

1842 – Abraham Lincoln ( later 16th US President )
marries Mary Todd in Springfield

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