This day in #history 2112

1923 – Nepal changes from British protectorate to
independent nation

1948 – State of Eire (formerly Irish Free State )
declares its independence

1975 – Madagascar adopts constitution

1976 – UN General Assembly passes a resolution
declaring 1979 – Year of Child

1991 – Soviet Union formally dissolves 11 of 12
republics sign treaty forming Commonwealth of
Independent States

2012 – ” Gangnam Style” becomes the first video to reach one billion views on YouTube


1937 – Jane Fonda, NYC, actress (Barbarella, Klute) , physically fit

1942 – Hu Jintao, Chinese president

1948 – Samuel L. Jackson, Washington DC, actor (Amos & Andrew, White Sand, Pulp Fiction )


1940 – F Scott Fitzgerald , author (Zelda ), dies of a heart attack at 44


1762 – British Explorer Captain James Cook marries Elizabeth Batts

1991 – Actress Jane Fonda (55) weds CNN founder Ted Turner at the groom ‘s home in north Florida

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