This day in #history 2412

1651 – John van Riebeeck departs to Cape of Good Hope

1777 – Kiritimati, kalso called Christmas Island, is discovered by James Cook

1799 – Jakobijns plot against Napoleon uncovered

1884 – Austria -Hungary admits King Leopold II ‘s
Congo Free State

1922 – London Coloseum opens

1924 – Albania becomes a republic ( ex-premier
Ahmed Zogoe’ s coup)

1946 – France ‘s Fourth Republic is founded.

1951 – United Kingdom of Libya gains independence from Italy via UN

1954 – Laos gains its independence

1524 – Vasco da Gama , Portuguese explorer /viceroy of Cochin, dies at about 55

1873 – Johns Hopkins, Baltimore philanthropist and businessman ( b . 1795 )

1989 – Charles Taylor enters Liberia to unseat
President Samuel K Doe

1991 – Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as head of Soviet Union

1997 – The Dominican Republic becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty .


1927 – Mary Higgins Clark, suspense novelist

1956 – Stephanie Hodge, comedian / actress (I
Madman, Happily Ever After)

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