Rape, Trinity and the Culture of Entitlement

. I pity a generation that thinks Bond girls are still the standard for women to aspire to. I pity a generation that is going to grow up believing, that the a woman is not worth more than the gifts they are buying for her.
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Happy New Year folks, it is wonderful having you around in 2014 again. Thanks for your support in 2013 and I sincerely hope you will stick around this year as well. I am sorry I have been unable to post before today.  I overshot the mark in some stuffs, and I have to wait for them to get back into sync. Anyway I’m back again with my first post for the year, I hope you enjoy it


It has been almost a week since the controversial rape joke by popular comedian Bright “Basketmouth” Okpocha started making the rounds on social media. The most heart warming thing about the whole issue is that Mr Basketmouth quickly came out to apologise to all who have been rubbed the wrong way about what he meant to be for laughs. The good thing about that is that he will be back in the good…

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