GEJ – My favourite Nigeria president of recent years

GEJ hunchback, dull look – that earned him ‘clueless’ president ever


I’ve got to give it to our sitting president, Goodluck Jonathan. He is the best president that I have ever had in recent times. He has never failed to consistently keep Nigerians interested in their country welfare. Who in the recent year has maintained such a high tempo, all in disastrous way like GEJ? No one, I’d say.

GEJ hunchback, dull look – that earned him ‘clueless’ president ever, mumbling when talking about very important issues or making unexpected decisions that is worse than the previous – GEJ was not faking it, that is him in all his entirely.

A ko le gbin cocoa ka ka ba ra lori re – You can not plant cocoa and expect to harvest melon from the same tree.

This year alone –

– GEJ said he has always treated Boko Haram issue with kid’s glove – his words not mine. It takes GEJ…

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Unholy Merchants of Terror

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The head of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Mr Oritsejafor’s (close personal friend of president Goodluck Jonathan) private jet was caught in South Africa stuffed with $10m cash, money alleged to be used for the purchase of weapons from an Israeli arms dealer.

The Nigerian government quickly took ownership of the cash and transaction. The Nigerian government caught in a shady (illegal) arms deal with the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria as the front man. Nigerians believe these so called men of God are beyond reproach; meanwhile they commit the greatest crimes against humanity in Nigeria today.

Twelve Nigerian soldiers were sentenced to death for “mutiny”, the penalty for firing shots in the air as they watched the bodies of their fellow soldiers brought in after an ambush by Boko Haram and to show their dissatisfaction at how ill equipped they are in the fight against terror…

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