GEJ – My favourite Nigeria president of recent years

GEJ hunchback, dull look – that earned him ‘clueless’ president ever


I’ve got to give it to our sitting president, Goodluck Jonathan. He is the best president that I have ever had in recent times. He has never failed to consistently keep Nigerians interested in their country welfare. Who in the recent year has maintained such a high tempo, all in disastrous way like GEJ? No one, I’d say.

GEJ hunchback, dull look – that earned him ‘clueless’ president ever, mumbling when talking about very important issues or making unexpected decisions that is worse than the previous – GEJ was not faking it, that is him in all his entirely.

A ko le gbin cocoa ka ka ba ra lori re – You can not plant cocoa and expect to harvest melon from the same tree.

This year alone –

– GEJ said he has always treated Boko Haram issue with kid’s glove – his words not mine. It takes GEJ…

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