Let’s Face It| Nigeria Nigerians


We have been denied our identity, we fail to study our past, we fail to learn from our mistakes. We are a neocolonial nation @54 ridden with corruption, insecurity and non- challant of the rulers to the masses and other social vices that deter sustainable development. ‘When there’s a fire you ask about how to put it out first…… If as a nation we continue to rant about where we are and fail to take actions to forge a way forward, we stand the the risk of deteriorating more than the state we are. We need to engage our youths, intellectuals and professionals in the governance of this nation. Let’s put all meaningful hands on deck for the nation to live up to its expectations. Its high time we started effecting  the change we desire. It has to start from us as individual, then to the family, peer groups etc until it progresses to the larger society. ”George_OrweII: As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the state will need to build more prisons to keep them apart.” Nigeria@54 Let us live in justice, equity and fairness To build a nation where peace shall reign. Adejokeiyabadan’s blog