CELEBRATE A TEACHER| International Teacher’s Day


I am Adejoke Rafiat Adetoro and I want to #CelebrateMyTeachers.
I find it so hard to name a teacher among the beautiful souls who have tutored and nurtured me up to this moment. I am ever grateful to all my teachers right from kindergarten to my first degree.
Mr Adepoju my primary class teacher even when I prized myself as the best student in school and was overturned by a classmate (Iyabo), you taught me to be resilient that it shouldn’t happen more than just once, I thought I had finally lost it, ‘you have to regain your place’- those are your words. I have learnt not to let go of my pride, I have to fight for my place with hard work and perseverance. I will forever be grateful sir.
Abu Aishah you are also a teacher I appreciate you taught me the nitty gritty of reading a comprehension passage especially the usage of the stop signs (punctuation). Thank you sir.

Miss Ajao at the age of 9 I learnt a great lesson from you which is part of what is shaping my life today. Even though the day you sang this song to me ada nikan je, ada nikan mu, ada nikan gbe nu parlour bi eranko I was very crossed I vowed to hate you forever all because you scolded me for keeping my Yoruba text to myself being the only person that had it. That day you made me realized that I couldn’t live my life alone, you isolated me so that I can also feel the pain in not sharing with people, ever since ; #teacher I have become a better me because I took the lesson that the world is not meant for those who have today, but you can also find yourself wanting. Aunty Shaki you chased out the spirit of SELFISHNESS in me out like a demon. Thank you Ma.

Mrs Kariola my ever conscious senior class teacher. She was a complete teacher, apart from the normal class work, your teachings on morals and prizing yourself high as a girl child are something never to be forgotten. I must say all the teachers at #SaintAnnesSchool with no exception; can never be found wanting in the area of girl child training. Mrs Kariola you were exceptional though, when I taught as a Muslim I wouldn’t need to go to Christian Religious Studies class, you told me it won’t hurt me to add to the wealth of my knowledge since Islamic Studies was not taught in the school, I’m a better me because I can correlate the teaching of the two religions and choose  which step to follow. Thank you.

Mrs Morakinyo (mama do your work) my hostel guardian, school mother and teacher. Mummy you were wicked, hmmm! That is what I think about you then but today. I say a big thank you for been wicked then. Though am still yet to know why I got that great early morning spanking in SSS2. You still remain a wonderful teacher who taught me to make use of my resources judiciously.
I #CelebrateMyTeachers

Being a student of History at the University of Ilorin can be dutiful. Yeah but my #teachers made it easy in the sense that as they expect much from you, you are being taught that life doesn’t come easy you just have to mould your path. You learn to multi task and know that a way is not a way. Some want it short, some want it long. Thank you my teachers Olaitan Bashir Ibrahim Aghalino Samuel Dr Adebayo P F, Dr Omoiya Saad, Dr Ayedun, Professor Olaoye, Mrs M A Y Lewu Dr L Odey Dr I A Jawondo Ibrahim; Dr Adebola and others

Jawondo Ibrahim (the scholar) my coach, my supervisor thank you for broadening my knowledge of research. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for awakening my residual knowledge and urging me to yearn to add to it. I am eternally grateful.

To all my #Teachers who didn’t sit me down in the four walls of the classroom but have taught me in one way or the other Professor E K Ogundowole ( Unilag), Mr O Sanni, Mr M A Tomori, Professor Y O Imam (Unilorin) Dr Balogun (Unilorin) Dr R O Badru ( Lead City University) Brad Fels PhD CPCU (lead Historian at The History Rhyme) Mr Adegoke (Saint Annes School)
Today as the world #Celebrateateacher I #CelebrateMyTeachers

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4 comments on “CELEBRATE A TEACHER| International Teacher’s Day

  1. Iya Ibadan – This is a great tributes you’ve written to your teachers! it is nice to know that despite all the bad eggs, we still have lots of teachers imparting knowledge to us.

    I too have lots of teachers that I owe gratitude to. Mrs Adeniran from my pry one class was amazing, she was my first encounter of school life and today her words still ring in my ears – she believed in me! And also Mrs Kalesanwo too, she was great – she was my pry 3 teacher.

    My secondary school was something else, got beating a lot for offences I still don’t understand decades later but I still remember a few teachers whom I’d jump on today to show my gratitude – Mrs Ayandike, my Literature teacher was an angel. Mr Akintayo my Integrated Science teacher was fantastic too (who says short people can’t be amazing in their field?) Mr Adio was inspirational (don’t like when he beats me though for not getting music notes right, how am I supposed to understand music without instruments?)

    My head was down most of the time in the college – voice lost so did my best to avoid any scene. However, I still have a young inspiring lecturer. The day she got her PhD from OAU, she sat everyone in my class down for an hour-long talk on her journey and how we should all aspire for more. God, I wish I remember her name now!

    The list goes on. Thank you for the reminder that Naija teachers aren’t all that bad.

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