This day in #History 1011

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This day in #history 1011

November 10th

619 – René Descartes has the dreams that inspire
his Meditations on First Philosophy.

1630 – Failed palace revolution in France against

1834 – HMS Beagle/ Charles Darwin sails from Valparaiso 1836 – Louis Napoleon banished to America

1911 – Chinese Imperial army recaptures Nanking
(blood bath)

1920 – George Bernard Shaw’ s “Heartbreak House,” premieres in NYC

1938 – Nobel for literature awarded to Pearl Buck
(Good Earth )

1942 – US troops occupy airport of Port- Lyautey ,

1942 – US – British troops occupies Oran, Algeria

1950 – Nobel for literature awarded to William

1952 – Trygve Halvdan Lie resigns as 1st secretary- genraal of UN

1975 – UN General Assembly approves resolution equating Zionism with racism

1986 – Bangladeshi Constitution restored

1989 – Bulgarian party president Todor Zjikov

1989 – Germans begin demolishing Berlin Wall

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