Education as a tool to empower citizens


On the train minding my business, sitting opposite me was a man in his late 70s. After starring at his tribal marks on his cheeks for a while, the silence was broken. I greeted Mr Ajala in Yoruba and so it all began.

Two Nigerians meeting for the first time bonding, talking with serious look on their faces, regardless of their age, tribe or religion, they were undoubtedly talking about the state of Nigeria. Usually, we tend to agree that the system has failed us and we yawn for change in all ways, however, after the talk, the shout, the anger, we’d retrieve back to our shells accepting that we could not effect any change and we will once again call on to God to help us as if God has not done enough by given us abundant natural resources, huge man power and brains to help us manage them well.

Of course…

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