African women and pleasure of elongated labia

Until parents stop being judgemetal of sexually active females and stop believing a sexually active male is mature, we might not get around to enganging our children on sex education.


I have always wondered what African women history were regarding sexual pleasure. In Yorubaland, mothers don’t talk to their girls about sex let alone the pleasure of it. And for some reason known to mothers, they want their daughters to get married and have a happily ever after type of marriage.

On my quest for knowledge, I came across an eye-opening video online about a year ago, it featured a group of older ladies from Uganda talking about labia elongation. Really? Why? Here is what I found.

In Uganda, when a child turns 13 and perhaps after her first period would be called to have the ‘talk’ about labia pulling and how to go about making sure she does it everyday for about 10 minutes – that’s a serious dedication, I think. The part of the labia being pulled is the minora – the inner layer, this is done religiously and…

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