On the farm pathway

    In all, I anticipated an awesome,fun filled,  historic and fulfilling trip to my village. I must say, it wasn’t short of what I expected; it was worth it that I didn’t want to leave. Voila, the city comes calling for my return; the city awaits my village story.

I left the village in anticipation of year 2016 visit.

I came I saw I witnessed I learned


Legudu groove

It was a day of selfies and photography, as we took selfies with everything in sight even fruits.

Selfie with cocoa

    Not to forget the food part, the mothers did wonderfully well, the food was amazing. From the ogi (pap) & akara (bean cake) to *my best part* Amala and Abula (ewedu and gbegiri- spinach&beanssoup)  to rice and maet to top am. Kudos to dem mama. 

2015 will surely be a fulfilling year!!!!!

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5 comments on “MY VILLAGE EXPERIENCE 3

  1. Yeye – E ku irin, se abule dun? Fabulous photos, they are all beautiful. Loved the ones with cocoa pod and the stream. Seeing you with Ojugo (:)) I can tell you are omo ajebutter 🙂

    Did you wonder how people survived drinking cloudy water? I do, but somehow it didn’t kill me and many others but sadly, some did not survive.

    Thanks for sharing, brings back loads of memories.


  2. Adejoke se Oko etile lo Ni abi aba yin.
    As a student of history and future practitioner, there is need for us Yoruba Awa Omo Ku Owuro A jiire bii to PAUSE and recover the ESSENCE of our being in essence doing Self-Retrieval
    E je Ki a so awon Igbe Wa di Igboro. Let create new Sub-Urb where are production would reside and from there feed our cities with values are added agriculture instead of indulging in just consumerism at our economic peril- Igbe Ni owo wa

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