WORLD HIJAB DAY COMMEMORATION STARTED IN 2013, it is a day set aside for recognition of Muslimahs who wears hijab and had chose to live a modest life, on this day Muslimah and Non-Muslimah  don the Hijab (the veil). The aim of this day is to create better awareness for the use of hijab, as well as helping in greater understanding thereby heralding a peaceful world, this is to help foster religious tolerance.
The hijab as it is, has different meanings to different people, some sees it as a symbol of segregation and oppression, but to most people that wear the hijab, citing myself as an example: MY HIJAB IS MY PRIDE, MY HIJAB MAKES ME MODEST, MY HIJABS COMMANDS RESPECT FOR ME IN THE LEAGUE OF FEMALES.


World Hijab Day Banner

At the 2015 edition of this celebration, I was invited by the CEO of House of Iman (@imanmodestwears) to come join muslimahs who are proud of the modesty their religions preach. The event was held DE-PAVILLION EVENT CENTRE, OLUYOLE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE IBADAN NIGERIA, with the theme:MY HIJAB MY PRIDE, lectures were delivered by Dr Fatimat Rufai and Sis Kafeelah Oyenuga, Islamic renditions by some top female islamic singers, cutting of the World Hijab Day cake, after which there was a presentations of muslimah attires from House of Iman.

Pictures from the event after cut.

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