Nneka my daughter, Sex Education in Africa.

Sex Education made easy for parents and parents to be.


http://joemiller.us/tag/sex-education/e Source

Growing up, sexual education usually used to take this format : As soon as you start your monthly period or rather when your mother discovers you have started your monthly period, after the usual rites performed, I was told that hens used to be slaughtered to celebrate in the olden days , your mother will call you and warn you seriously about your new status or condition and inform you woefully that because of your condition you must not play with boys any more that, if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant, plays with you, talks to you, in fact as much as be in the same room with you, you will get pregnant even your towels must not touch each other when you put them on the line to dry after bathing.The story does not end there, as soon as you are pregnant that would…

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