Sayings you grow up with in an African household.

. Olodo. Now we all know what odo means, it means zero, so olodo is the owner of zero. This is reserved for end of term when results are brought home and you have performed below expectation. It is also used when you do not seem to be grasping things fast enough.

Those children that got high scores do they have two heads ? Of course the answer is ‘No’ so if you say so, you will be punished because you have one head just like those other children and if you should say yes, that they have two heads, you will be seriously dealt with for telling a lie, so either way, you are doomed.



Help Initiative Nigeria | P/C HIN

KIDS CLUB:  an activity based programme in collaboration with Living word Mission (LIWOM) provided for children in the Inner city areas of the community .Interaction with the children through fun and learning activities afford us the opportunity to discover talents and children with emotional disturbances from Home and School, for such we provide counselling, follow up, mentoring, role modelling and other necessary provision

CLOTHE DRIVE: This is a yearly event for children, women and other beneficiaries from the communities. The clothe drive event is an opportunity for Help Initiative to collect valuable item form family and friends for the less privileged and orphanages.

       Help Initiative has constantly provided nutritional support to some orphanages in Ibadan Oyo state .This we do by serving nutritious food and other provisions to supplement what the home provides.
       This is an ongoing exercise and Help Initiative intends to extend the service to more orphanages in the

Facebook: Help Initiative Nigeria
Phone Nos: 08033351329
Office Address: No 2 Kole Drive Joyce B road Ring road Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria.
Febisola Okonkwo,
Help Initiative Nigeria.

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