Firstly, there is nothing humorous about rape. All the jokes you are making on social media about rape with innuendos of the prey and the predator are insensitive and distasteful.


This week began with a negative narrative on the rights of women in Kenya as yet another rape case involving a Member of Parliament hit the airwaves. Nancy, (not her real name) a 29 year old Communication Consultant found herself in a precarious position when her client and family friend turned tables on her during a business meeting and asked for sexual favors in return. Nancy explains that the MP kept postponing the meeting to odd hours and stressed he had to sign the papers on the fateful day. When they were alone, the MP called in a doctor to conduct a forceful HIV test and when Nancy refused he physically assaulted her until she agreed to test. The test came back and confirmed that she was HIV negative the MP asked his aides to close the door and he raped her repeatedly. This is the latest in the cases…

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