Help Initiative organizes various monthly, quarterly and yearly events for orphans and vulnerable children in Ibadan Oyo state as follows:
–          Orphanage Support
–          Nutritional Support
–          Caregiver’s empowerment (this has culminated into Income Generating Activities that has given birth to cooperative society savings loans association
–          Yearly Clothe Drive Event
–          End of Year Party for OVC
–          Kids Club/in Collaboration with LIWOM
–          Tabitha Home (A care home for orphans and vulnerable children).
For more enquiries please visit us on
Facebook: Help Initiative Nigeria
Phone Nos: 08033351329
Office Address: No 2 Kole Drive Joyce B road Ring road Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria.
Febisola Okonkwo,
Help Initiative Nigeria.

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Dangling poisoned carrot of an Ibadan State

So, this poisoned carrot of an Ibadan State is bound to
backfire. It will not work. Yes, I don’t mind an Ibadan State,
but of what use having Ibadan State now when it will end
up always going to Abuja to beg for a meagre monthly

Whatsup Ibadan

There have always been some asinine, farcical and insincere features to the politicking and electioneering in Nigeria. Nothing has ever been normal or straightforward with politicians; they are not only involved in one corruption scandal or the other, they are equally involved in bloodletting and mudslinging. This particular trait of “insincere, do-or-die politics” is unique to Nigeria. Please, I stand to be corrected and educated. Let me state from the onset that my sympathy lies with the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), so most of what I will be saying will of course be biased against the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But what I say should be weighed and balanced with truth, common sense and sincerity of purpose, because I have no other reason than to say things the way I see them.

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