Nigeria and the way forward (5) “People Must Go To Prison. No Ifs, no Buts” – Tola Adenle

Nigeria has to move away from the anything-goes situation we have right now if corruption must become a thing of the past because without repercussions that would serve as deterrents – obverse of the “incentives” being touted, a corruption fight would not succeed.

“I did not queue for hours on March 28th to vote for people to get ‘soft landing’. President Buhari, be guided – People Must Go To Prison. No Ifs, no Buts.” – Agùntáṣǫólò (

Since the presidential elections went along as I, like millions of Nigerians desired, I think I’ve taken whatever I perceive as deviations that may derail whatever lofty goals Nigeria’s President-Elect might have set for himself personally, especially in the area of fighting corruption because of the length of time I’ve waited to see the stars align for the retired General and, hopefully, finally align for Nigeria. Pardon my being the one saying so, I was a convert to seeing him – warts and all – lead Nigeria, perhaps longer than most of those even within his closest political new home.

The very first essay on this blog was one of two by me on the first…

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