Women must reeducate their sons, to see androcentrism as the evil it is. They have to educate their sons to respect and understand women not because they are weak physically, but because it is essentially the right thing to do. The roles of women also need to be aggrandized and its relevance properly documented. And men must come to the realization that women do not need pity or empathy; what they deserve is our understanding and cooperation. Whether men support them or not they will excel, history attests to this.


Charlotte Perkins Gilman In her book The Man Made World opined that


In our own species all this is changed. We have been so taken up with the phenomena of masculinity and femininity, that our common humanity has largely escaped notice. We know we are human, naturally, and are very proud of it; but we do not consider in what our humanness consists; nor how men and women may fall short of it, or overstep its bounds, in continual insistence upon their special differences. It is “manly” to do this; it is “womanly” to do that; but what a human being should do under the circumstances is not thought of.

The only time when we do recognize what we call “common humanity” is in extreme cases, matters of life and death; when either man or woman is expected to behave as if they were also human creatures. Since…

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