Our curriculum too must change our children need to educate properly, we have to rediscover ourselves, remember our history and its relevance. We Must Inspire and initiate patriotism, build sense of believe and trust again so we wouldn’t be casualties of hope like we have been these past 6 years; the narrative has to change from” sai baba” to something that revolves around a united Nigeria.
Let the things we read about Singapore, Malaysia. Indonesia and others become peculiar to our sphere; let the headlines change from insecurity and unemployment to stability and actual growth of our economy.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, fellow Country men and women I congratulate you toward this step we have taken together. A step necessary towards redemption for our great nation. A step we are all hopeful leads towards restitution, what many refer to the common sense or ballot revolution.

Over these past few weeks I have read humungous commentaries and analysis on what our dear President Elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should do, and shouldn’t , the saints he should carry along and the sinners he should annihilate from his government. What he must do in his first hundred days, what policies he should make, how to do this or that, the inference to draw is simple: expectations are high, in the face of enormous challenges this am well aware he knows.

Similarly our sociopolitical sphere has been proliferated with rather variant definitions of change; I am…

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