This Day In #History 03/08

August 3, 1882
Congress passed the first U.S. law to restrict immigration of a particular ethnic group into the United States, the Chinese Exclusion Act. It stopped all further Chinese immigration for ten years, and denied citizenship to those already in the country, most of whom had been recruited by American railroad and mining companies. The law remained in effect until 1943.

H/T Carl Bunin

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Consumption Theory: Social Media vs Private Media | R. G. Tamaki

In my opinion, books are the last private medium that is dreamed, deliberated and distilled in proper form. After all, you don’t consume books in a theater, gallery, concert, or online thread together with everyone else. You can’t walk or talk or drive while reading a book; instead you have to spend time, alone and focused. Of course you can definitely go to a reading, but readings are not really reading on your part; it’s more listening, sampling. Now some may argue that music can also be a form of private media, and I must agree that it is indeed a hybrid. One can definitely enjoy music privately and meditatively, not to mention the ambidexterity of audio books. But the thing about auditory media is that they are often consumed while doing something else. Reading books on the other hand is purely private—you can’t be in any way

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