Understand that anywhere people’s Consciences are corrupt and dirty, such places will not enjoy God’s Grace or blessings, irrespective of the immense resources or funds they have.

Now how does one keep the conscience clean and upright in this world full of nefarious activities to enjoy GOD’S grace and abundant blessings.

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This Day In #History 07/08

August 7, 1904
Ralph Bunche, born this day in Detroit, spent a remarkable life in vigorous service to academia, his community, the nation and the world.

Head of the Howard University Political Science Department for over twenty years, he was one of the first African Americans to hold a key position at the U.S. State Department. He went on to the United Nations and served as its mediator on Palestine. He was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the 1948 armistice agreements between Israel and the Arab states. He worked with Martin Luther King in the civil rights struggles of the ‘50s and ’60s.

H/T  Carl Bunin

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