Where is the Dignity in Mental Health?, By John Minto & Jennifer Douglas-Abubakar – Premium Times Blogs

While a significant amount of work remains to be done before those suffering from mental health challenges can truly be said to be receiving appropriate care and support, there is clearly some ground for optimism. Perhaps the greatest cause for hope in the future is this – the next time you find yourself in a gathering of over 100 people, consider the fact that, as mentioned, 1:5 will suffer from some form of significant mental challenge in their lifetime. If you are one of the 20 who will suffer from mental illness, how would you like to be treated?
Isn’t it time to act – now?

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CELEBRATE A TEACHER| International Teacher’s Day

Happy International Teacher’s Day.
Here is a post of appreciation to my teachers from last year. I still #CelebrateMTeachers

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I am Adejoke Rafiat Adetoro and I want to #CelebrateMyTeachers.
I find it so hard to name a teacher among the beautiful souls who have tutored and nurtured me up to this moment. I am ever grateful to all my teachers right from kindergarten to my first degree.
Mr Adepoju my primary class teacher even when I prized myself as the best student in school and was overturned by a classmate (Iyabo), you taught me to be resilient that it shouldn’t happen more than just once, I thought I had finally lost it, ‘you have to regain your place’- those are your words. I have learnt not to let go of my pride, I have to fight for my place with hard work and perseverance. I will forever be grateful sir.
Abu Aishah you are also a teacher I appreciate you taught me the nitty gritty of reading a comprehension…

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