CELEBRATE A TEACHER| International Teacher’s Day

Happy International Teacher’s Day.
Here is a post of appreciation to my teachers from last year. I still #CelebrateMTeachers

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I am Adejoke Rafiat Adetoro and I want to #CelebrateMyTeachers.
I find it so hard to name a teacher among the beautiful souls who have tutored and nurtured me up to this moment. I am ever grateful to all my teachers right from kindergarten to my first degree.
Mr Adepoju my primary class teacher even when I prized myself as the best student in school and was overturned by a classmate (Iyabo), you taught me to be resilient that it shouldn’t happen more than just once, I thought I had finally lost it, ‘you have to regain your place’- those are your words. I have learnt not to let go of my pride, I have to fight for my place with hard work and perseverance. I will forever be grateful sir.
Abu Aishah you are also a teacher I appreciate you taught me the nitty gritty of reading a comprehension…

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