Two hundred years since the heroic Barbados slave rebellion

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Repeating Islands


An article by Christian Høgsbjerg for The Socialist Worker.

April 2016 marks the centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin, a heroic uprising against the British Empire in its oldest colonial territory.

But this month also marks the bicentenary of an earlier and less well known heroic “Easter rising” against the brutality of imperial domination in another longstanding British colony.

This took place in Barbados in 1816, where it has come to be known as “the Bussa Rebellion” after one of its main leaders. “General Bussa” was an African-born slave who died in the rising and later became a national hero.

The Bussa Rebellion represented the first of a series of notable “late slave revolts” across the British West Indies which were central in finally forcing the British to end colonial slavery across its Empire in 1833.

It saw an uprising spread until over half of the island was engulfed…

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