Nigeria and women leaders

Display of inappropriate behaviour we see at national level happens by design starting from home, community and places of worship but we don’t talk about it as we think educated, powerful women are exempted from sexist attacks – that is far from reality just as we have seen here.


Queen Luwoo was once the ruler of Ife. After her death, it was said that Ife vowed never to install a woman as their ruler again.  Luwoo Queen was known as a well organised Queen who took pride in sanitation and maintenance of her environment, yet she was not enough because she assigned duties indiscriminately and the fact that she had unorthodox relationship lifestyle not expected of a woman – had children with more than one man.

Queen Luwoo, according to record ruled from 1770 – 1800.

On the other hand our kings are known to have multiple wives and no one is complaining, one wonders why Queen Luwoo’s lifestyle bothered decision makers.

A few days a go there was a report of Sen. Dino Melaye and Senator Remi Tinubu having a heated debate in the Senate that leads to Sen. Melaye threatening Sen. Tinubu insinuating that he would beat and rape Sen…

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