Yoruba Ancestry: What They Couldn’t See, What We Can See, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú – Premium Times Opinion

What Is the Role Of the Yoruba In the Global Knowledge Economy?
This is the first of those pertinent questions I highlighted at the beginning. By the time colonialism happened, the Yoruba’s conceptual framework expanded; Aye became Agbaye. Today, we have Agba Nla Aye and Aye Lujara as our globalisation framework. They couldn’t see it then, now we can! The future belongs to the young and educated. Do we have them? Maybe a sprinkle! We simply do not have the education to compete. The Yoruba traditional, political and economic elite can create the Yoruba of the future. I hereby call you into existence! Start today! Create it now! We created an education framework at Oshogbo under the auspices of the Development Agenda For Western Nigeria (DAWN) and hosted by the State of Osun. Please help make it a regional policy. Apart from that, there is no recommendation I can make here in terms of regional competitiveness that is not in the OneBloc document.


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