Landmark: Female pioneer, Professor Adétówún Ogunṣẹ̀yẹ́, turns 90 – Tola Adenle |

For such a brilliant person, the world of books in every aspect has always been her love, and an American education in Library Studies where she added a Masters in Library Studies to her educational qualifications. Even today, she still makes time for the International Board of Books for Youth among many socio-cultural ad educational organizations to which she belongs.
Apart from her academic doctorate, Mrs. Adetowun Ogunseye, married to late Professor Ayo Ogunseye, an economist whose academic home was also the UI, holds multiple honorary degrees principal among which is the D.Litt. by UI, the institution where she had her academic career in the Library School.
The establishment of Abadina Media Resource center at the University of Ibadan as a library and learning center for children and youth will forever be a testimony to Ogunseye’s love of books and her desire to pass such a love to generations yet unborn. It is internationally-recognized and is, perhaps, one of her outstanding accomplishments in a crowded field of many.

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