Nigeria: Recent mayhem at Ilé-Ifẹ̀ exacerbated by Abuja & Northern meddling, offshoot of pirates’ structure of Nigerian state – Atayéṣe |

What all civilized, high-minded and noble leadership can do is to continuously work for, assiduously preach peaceful and fruitful cooperation among different peoples who find themselves on the same boat. The supposed 1820 arrival of the Hausa in Ile-Ife even if earlier, cannot change the dynamics of ownership. Ife is a Yoruba home and all non-Yoruba living there will not and cannot become YORUBA and must understand and be guided in their cohabitation by the psychology of a tenant visitor and passerby. The land of the Yoruba – their homeland from Lagos to Ogori Magongo are not, WILL never be TERRA NULLIUS!

By adejokeiyabadan Posted in REBLOGS