Adéjọkẹ́ Rafiat ADÉTÒRÒ an indigine of Ìbàdàn is a Historian, independent research and documentation consultant and a freelance event moderator currently living in Ibadan, Nigeria. Her interests range from teaching and volunteering for projects and organisation engaged in advocacy against sexual violations, sexual and reproductive health, decolonization of knowledge and thought revolution. She so keen on resuscitating reading culture in the society.

A culture and literary enthusiast.

One of my favorite saying is
‘Always be conscious of your past for a better future’

This blog’s specific aim is for historical reflection, its posts are to enlighten people on events and people that made history. You will be reading posts on matters of culture, language, arts ( mostly African), education as well as wise words, I hope to be able to quench your thirst in quest for knowledge.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts!
Visit about.me/adejoke_rafiat for more about me.

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