Decolonizing Afrikan Minds through Afrikan Centred Education – Baba Buntu

Decolonizing Afrikan Minds through Afrikan Centred Education, delivered by Baba Buntu on 9th December, 2015 at Drapers Hall, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


Baba Buntu, Prof. O. C. Adesina and Dr Sola olorunyomi both left, and other participants at the lecture on Decolonizing African Mind and Call for Pan-Africanism.

Coloniality of Knowledge;
*the thought that living in the west equates living in the world.
* Cognitive injustice through Geography of Reason.

Coloniality of Being
*Blackness as devoid of ontological Density
* The Objectification of Afrikan-ness

AFRIKOLOGY- study and practice of Afrika in it’s totality.
*African Worldview; (Organic evolving )
*Critique of Eurocentric mystification
* Placing the undiscussed in the centre of discourse

Decolonisation Afrikology:
– Pluriversality
– Transdisciplinary
-Critical Theory
– Revolutionary Action

Highest form of Knowledge
– Self Knowledge
– Know thyself. Only then can you be taken serious.

EDUCATION: (invest for expansion of culture ) * Transmission of values and accumulation of knowledge in society

  • Knowledge of Education: State of knowing /understanding through experience and or study
  • Functions of Education:

  • Provide identity- thoughts that matters to you
  • Legacy of Competence
  • Acquired immunities
  • Shared Vision.

  • Response to Education: An Afrikan response to Eurocentrism must be located. It is believed that being friend with an European make us human.

  • Pillars of Education:
    *Indigenous African Education as epistemology.

  • Validate what ‘the people ‘ know and do community knowledge.

Philosophy of Education:
+ Location – where do you stand
+ Agency – what is your purpose
+ Validation – engaging African students and researchers
+ Enabling – Who do you engage with.

Note: Not all education is good, especially if it doesn’t fit into the context of time.

Role of Education:
* Connect with past
* Liberate from Oppression
* Invest sustainable future.

Familyhood: Delinking, Relinking and innovation

All these are aim at:
Decolonizing – Power
. – Knowledge
– Being.

The Yoruba language is a world of symbolism, knowledge and most importantly it is a poetic Language.

Wake up from your Slumber Africans and see a continent not okay.
This continent is the foundation for life. We need to see ourselves as shape shifters and shape givers.

Baba Buntu retorted that calling the African act, cultural legacy and spiritual practices WITCHCRAFT is OFFENSIVE. If as African you also think along this line, you are greatly uneducated.


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