Democratic Vote Offers Nigeria a Chance to Rebuild, and to Lead Africa | United States Institute of Peace

The Nigerian vote “sends a strong message to the rest of the continent about the workings of democracy,” said Princeton Lyman, a USIP senior advisor and former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria.

“One good thing [that] comes out of this election is that the Boko Haram problem is no longer going to be politicized,” notably between political factions in Nigeria’s north and south, Lyman said. “That held up the ability of the country to focus, organize, and deal with it.” The incoming Buhari administration will be better able to “look at it as not just a military problem, but as a broad social and economic one, and to enlist the governors on that behalf,” he said.

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I have a wonderful story
Culled from a true life story
Or perhaps a history
Of a man filled with glory
And a country filled with glory
Though many made it gory
By their corrupt selfish bigotry

To cut short the long story
The man’s name is Buhari

Known as GMB by Jerry
According to dairy
Of the people with memory
Or the people who knows history
He is the incorruptible cavalry
Also among the infantry
And a general in the artillery

Major General Buhari
Fighting corruption while in the military
Became a cynosure of rivalry
Because of his love for the jury
Nigeria is the centre of great glory
But corrupt leaders destroyed its allegory
And left a nation so miry
Without thinking of making refinery

Though someone removed fuel subsidy
Promising to build us refinery
He ended up leaving us with fury
Trying to make it up with oratory
With wife standing as auxiliary
But it backfired like pituitary

Never conducting election primary
He came to us like super story
Waiting for us to append our signatory
To his Party like ‘greengory’
Tweeting people with blackberry
Postponing the election of February
And appealing to us with bribery
But Nigerians are not into robbery
So they rejected his advisory
And paved way for great Buhari
And shunned those wishing you Obituary
Praying for you in our sanctuary.

So remember us at Aso so rocky
And grind us not into powdery
Like past leaders in history
Get back our territory
And all our gone glory
Ripped off from us by Boko gory
And each and every young Cherry
Kidnapped by Boko Haram the bad Terry

And also build us refinery
And pay all our owed salary
Employing us like a lottery
And never use religious bigotry
Cos that’s the fear of majority
And even the minority
Also work with the ethnic trinity
Hausa, Igbo and Yorubarity
Following jegacy and jegarity
Who will never favour the majority
Or any tribal popularity
But let there be solidarity
And create equal amenity
That’s my humble poetry
To my beloved general Buhari

Written by anonymous
Edited by: Abdulmu’min Tohiru Gobir

By Adejoke R ADETORO

@iyabadan on Twitter