Nigerian Ex-President #Obasanjo : Advance Africa’s Democracy With Exit Ramp for Leaders | United States Institute of Peace

Obasanjo said Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and
Gabon are among countries with leaders reluctant to give up
power for fear they might “land in prison or in the grave.”
And yet many leaders could offer valuable knowledge and
insights after they leave office, despite the controversies that
might have dogged them while at the helm, he said.

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Democratic Vote Offers Nigeria a Chance to Rebuild, and to Lead Africa | United States Institute of Peace

The Nigerian vote “sends a strong message to the rest of the continent about the workings of democracy,” said Princeton Lyman, a USIP senior advisor and former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria.

“One good thing [that] comes out of this election is that the Boko Haram problem is no longer going to be politicized,” notably between political factions in Nigeria’s north and south, Lyman said. “That held up the ability of the country to focus, organize, and deal with it.” The incoming Buhari administration will be better able to “look at it as not just a military problem, but as a broad social and economic one, and to enlist the governors on that behalf,” he said.

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