Women and family structure

According to Nigeria HealthWatch, in Urban Nigeria amongst educated ones such as Ayinde in the south we still have average birth rate of 4.7 per woman – national average is 5.67 – All of these numbers are too high in this age. We are a living testimony to the fact that uncontrolled population brings more misery than joy.


During 2014 National Conference divorce rate in the country was one of the many serious issues brought to light. Attention at the time was mainly on the northern city of Kano where divorce rate is the highest however, from what I notice in the south customary courts, we are catching up fast following similar pattern.

Take for example the case of Mr Alaba Aigbe, a 65 year old who recently divorced his wife at Agodi customary court on the grounds that she was an adulterer and a witch.

Reading through the press release, the couple had seven children. Adultery issue came about when Mr Aigbe was away for a year to work in a different town. Mrs Aigbe had an affair with the husband’s typist.

Fair enough if the union had run its course due to breakdown in trust and mutual respect.

Here is the pitiful bits:

“In his judgment, Chief Mukaila Balogun, the president of the court, dissolved the…

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What all civilized, high-minded and noble leadership can do is to continuously work for, assiduously preach peaceful and fruitful cooperation among different peoples who find themselves on the same boat. The supposed 1820 arrival of the Hausa in Ile-Ife even if earlier, cannot change the dynamics of ownership. Ife is a Yoruba home and all non-Yoruba living there will not and cannot become YORUBA and must understand and be guided in their cohabitation by the psychology of a tenant visitor and passerby. The land of the Yoruba – their homeland from Lagos to Ogori Magongo are not, WILL never be TERRA NULLIUS!


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