This day in #History 1111

This day in #history 1111

November 11th

1811 – Cartagena Colombia declares independence
from Spain

1836 – Chile declares war on Bolivia & Peru

1839 – The Virginia Military Institute is founded in
Lexington , Virginia .

1851 – Alvan Clark patents telescope

1918 – Poland declares independence

1937 – Nobel prize for physics awarded to C J
Davisson & GP Thomson

1961 – Stalingrad renamed Volgograd

1962 – Kuwait ‘s National Assembly ratifies the
Constitution of Kuwait .

1965 – Rhodesia proclaimed independence from
Britain by PM Ian Smith

1968 – Maldives ( in Indian Ocean) becomes a republic

2004 – Yasser Arafat is confirmed dead by the
Palestine Liberation Organization, of unidentified
causes. Mahmoud Abbas is elected chairman of the
PLO minutes later.



2004 – Yasser Arafat, co- founder and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, revolutionary and nobel prize winner dies in Paris at 75

Famous Wedding

1838 – Emma Wedgwood accepts Charles Darwin’s marriage proposal (English Naturalist later author of Origin of the Species )

1860 – 1 st Jewish wedding in Buenos Aires Argentin

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