1889 – North Dakota becomes 39th & South Dakota becomes 40th state in the United States

1914 – Great Britain annexes Cyprus

1917 – Balfour Declaration proclaims support for a Jewish state in Palestine

The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November
1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s
Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron
Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron
Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish
community, for transmission to the Zionist
Federation of Great Britain and Ireland
See the link for full text

1930 – Ras ( euqiv . Duke ) Tafari Makonnen is crowned Haile Selassie I, 225 th emperor of Solmonic Dynasty in Ethiopia

1936 – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is established.

1949 – Netherland recognizes Indonesia as a sovereign state

1953 – Pakistan becomes islamic republic

1955 – Clarton – Schwerdt & Schaffer discover polio virus

1955 – David Ben- Gurion forms Israeli government

1960 – Mary Leakey and her team discover the first fossils of Homo habilis , an early human ancestor , at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania . Homo habilis is thought to be one of the earliest species to make stone tools and lived between 1 .4 and 2 .3 million years ago .


1950 – George Bernard Shaw , Irish author ( Pygmalion) , dies at 94

2004 – Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates , dies at 85

2007 – Henry Cele, South African Actor ; best known for his onscreen portrayal of the legendaryShaka Zulu

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