My 10k Scam Story. 
Date: Friday 24-07-2015
Location: Access bank Aare, Ibadan
Destination: UBA Awolowo, Ibadan.
Transport Mode: Okada.
Time: 10:20am


I stopped a bike and negotiated to pay #20 to my destination,  little wonder why he agreed to collect #20 having billed me #30 moreover,  this is #Ibadan it shouldn’t cost more than that. As the okada was about to move a guy stopped him, I got down for him to sit in the middle, as we set out move the supposed 2nd passenger(Olundun)  said something to the okada man. The only thing I  heard him say was #Ekiti, while the bike man shouted haaaa! Come down guy, you are supposed to board a bus going to Oja- Oba over there be careful with what you are carrying oo, don’t let area boys hijack it from you #Ibadan is now like #Lagos. As expected.  I kept mute having come down from the bike to avail  Olundun get down.
Then the bike man (Askari) started the unfortunate conversation. Alhaja see this guy ooo, he’s carrying that effective  herb (egbo igi) used to cure stroke these days, could you believe that thing sells for #950k here,  I have seen someone used it before,  more so the man (one Baba aleewe legbo) he   is looking will so much appreciate it, I then replied him, why tell him to go to oja-oba when he can go to Bode market ( the Ibadan main market for herbs) , Askari then said, alhaja help me tell him then, I said no problem,  called olundun to tell. As I was about telling him, Askari interjected, at that point. I knew something was up, though I still acted ignorant while being aware of my environs, carried my bag very well.

Askari now interrogating olundun, oh boy, I thought young people can’t find that herb how on earth did you get it?

Olundun: My father is the Oluode (Chief hunter) of Ekiti, he gave it to me to come sell it.

Askari: Why come to Ibadan then, why didn’t you sell it in Ekiti?

Olundun: Egbon it’s because they wanted to buy it for 300k, I was told it sells for more in Ibadan that’s why I’m here ooo.

Askari: You see, I was just telling Alhaja it sells for 950k here. Thank your God today it’s  your lucky day.

Me: Abi ooo. (In my mind you are dead)

Askari then faced me Alhaja, Wabilahi Taofeek, Ya Lateef, Warafanahu Makana Aliyah, I kept telling him the meaning one by one. (In his mind, it’s their lucky day) You see Olundun you can see we are going somewhere but if we (being Askari and myself ) take you to your destination, how much will you give us?

Olundun: I will give you #500

Askari: Are you mad do I look like an okada man who is hungry, anyways, you will give us 10k each, guess what Olundun agreed sharpalay.
All this while the Okada is parked and I was already looking at my destination.  While the negotiation is going on I bolted in.

Me: Askari let’s go now, you can see I’m in haste, if not I would’ve trekked to my destination, oga you are waisting my time.

Askari: Alhaja I’m sorry,  you know I want us to take this guy to that man, then I will come back and drop you here.

Me: Ehnn!! Did I just hear you right, when I’m almost at my destination,  oga do quick and goan drop me where I called joor. More so, I don’t know anywhere in Ibadan,  I will have to make a call to get to my next destination from here. That Bode I told you earlier, I also heard of the place from someone.

Askari: haba na, let’s just help this guy, at least he will give us 10k that’s a fast money, (at that point I was already putting together the sequence of epe (curse) I will give both of them)

Me: No problem, I have heard you. But in my mind I was aware there is a place police man stationed at my destination.  On getting there , oga lemme drop.

Askari: Alhaja I thought we are going together na.

I was already halfway down the okada, my bag clinched very well to my underam, #20 in the other hand, oga lemme do what I came here to do. It’s timed. However, since you said you once had a relative who had been treated by Baba, I’m sure you can take Olundun there, but I will advice you go to Bode market,  oga, be careful there oooo so they won’t dupe you, you can ask to see their chairman.  After preaching my sermon, I handed the #20 to  Askari stepped back and gave them the Waka ( 👋👋 ) and middle finger. May you never be fulfilled.


Adejokeiyabadan at the entrance of our village house. #MudHouse #Villagevisitation

Later in the day, while narrating to different people,  I wasn’t halfway before they told me, they had encounter such in Akure.

But how dare they try to kidnap me with just 10k, I should have have even negotiated for more since the herb costs up to 950k, well they would have agreed, knowing that they had nothing on them.
Olundun came to Ibadan from Ekiti to sell herb (egbo-igi), he didn’t land in Bere, Iwo-Road, Challenge, Sango or even Bodija  but landed in Aare-Osuntokun.

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7 comments on “MY 10K SCAM STORY

  1. This happens alot in Ibadan especially in those Micra Cabs plying Ojoo to Iworoad. A sister of mine was almost rouged into the whole thing sometimes last year. Reason I don’t discuss anything (politics, current affairs, movies, events and happenings) with anyone whenever I am in a public transport. Most times, my earphones are plugged in my ears. Awon omo ale jatijati.

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  2. Ha, thank God you out-smart the scumbags!
    This is what got me sometimes with our local champion crooks, at least they should put a bit more work into planning their tactics for different scenarios.

    Next time they’d know better that Alhaja are street smart too, that’s called survival in our land 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Lol! @ Alhaja are ‘street smart’
    Truth is they never saw it coming based on my responses they thought I was in.
    Anyways, I wouldn’t risk street smart if it we’re to be a Cab, before they start the discussion am already in another cab, it was safe to play them seeing that it was a bike, I was close to my destination and was gallantly aware of my environs having sighted and ready to notify the policeman nearby (though those ones too are a case for another)
    All in all, Alhamdulilaah!!!

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  4. I hope you don’t play the music too loud, they might be planning something else. At first I couldn’t make out their conversation, I only heard bits and completed it in my head from subsequent discussions.


  5. Yes, Alhamdulilaah!
    Ha, street smart here is being a step ahead in spotting crooks o.

    I commend you though for riding with another passenger on a bike, I know this is what we do with no second thoughts but now it just freaks me out 🙂 Last time I was home, a bike stopped to take me, I kept asking where I was supposed to sit, he pointed to the back as if I could not see, so I asked where the other guy would sit, ‘behind you na’ he said smiling. I told him I’d rather walk forever than to allow three grown people on my bike 🙂 I love Naija, easy life!

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  6. Akure is their permanent residence. A similar event played out on my very first day in Akure. My being new in town robbed me of the knowledge that only coloured cabs were commercial taxis, so I had hopped into one car who promised to take me to my destination. We hadn’t moved for 3 minutes when one of the guys I met on board announced his desire to alight as he had reached his destination all to the disagreement of the ‘taxi’ driver. The third guy on board asked for the driver’s reason and he was told the guy had in his bag dollars, and that he would arrest him with police (maybe for money laundering. Lol). Then, the idiot started ‘begging’ and promising to share us all part of the money. I had heard enough of this kind in the past so I knew what they were up to. Immediately, in my sternest tone, I asked to alight and they stopped for me. Grade A idiots!…. Months later though, I was eventually duped in the same Akure by ‘agents’ when I wanted to rent an apartment. Akure: Odikwa dangerous!

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